Gaziano and Girling

Gaziano and Girling was founded in 2006 by the highly respected Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling who are regarded as true master craftsmen of the shoe industry.  

Both having worked for bespoke shoe makers, designers and Northampton shoe manufacturers they united their experience to create a unique blend of traditional English shoe designs with a continental influence.
Sinatra shoe by Gaziano and Girling Woburn shoe  by Gaziano and Girling Image Map The quality of workmanship in a Gaziano and Girling shoe is held in the highest esteem with the highest standard of handwork in the benchmade shoes which creates a shoe of not only beauty but also has the highest comfort levels.

Gaziano and Girling do not believe a shoe should require an extended ‘breaking in’ period and aim to make shoes that are beautifully comfortable as quickly as possible.  This high comfort level is achieved through many vital steps in the manufacturing process of their Good Year Welted shoes, perfectly matching the lasts and cutting patterns is vital. 

Gaziano and Girling Hayes ShoeThe shoes are made entirely in their own factory in Kettering,Northamptonshire. They have a dedicated and highly skilled team of 20 people. They source the finest calf leathers from France and Switzerland and have it finished by the best Italian finishing houses. The soles used are only English oak bark which are without doubt the most comfortable and resistant leather soles. Oak bark is tanning is a 12 month process and G&G is the only shoe factory to use this material on all their shoes.

A characteristic of the Gaziano and Girling shoe is the bevelled fiddle waist, with a stained V-style design and contrasting dark brown with chestnut colour foresole and heel pattern. Combining all the many detailed and skilled procedures the Gaziano and Girling shoes are simply, in our opinion, the very best ready to wear shoes.