Bodileys shop was established in Northampton.



“Uncle Bod”, Sarah’s great uncle, joins his father to run Bodileys.


Heritage Shoe - UK made leather shoeGeorge Webb, Sarah’s great grandfather, launches George Webb and Sons in Northampton.

This family shoe manufacturing business provided Goodyear welted English made shoes using the finest leather.  

Like many other Northampton based shoe makers they provided boots for the Army during the war.  Currently exhibited at the Northampton Shoe Museum, he also made a coronation shoe for the 1952 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.


1920 -

Bodileys became “the shop” to buy Northampton handmade shoes.


Third generation, John Steadman, Sarah’s father takes over the business.


Bodileys becomes a pioneer of internet shopping by transforming the shop into an online business selling the range of shoes you can still currently buy.


Sarah Dudley joins her father to run the company and establishes one of the best online destinations for English made shoes.


Bodileys make their first range of shoes combining this familial legacy with elegant design using the best materials.


John Garner formerly of Edward Green joins Bodileys to design and oversee the production of The London Collection.


The London Collection is launched.


Following the success of the London Collection we launched the Mayfair Collection

For centuries, Northampton has been synonymous with worldwide excellence in making the best handmade shoes in England.  Even today, their football team is called “The Cobblers”. 

Bodileys, located in the heart of this region, gained its reputation in the 1970s as one of the most reliable representatives of the best handmade English shoes worldwide.  

Bodileys is now hand making shoes in Northamptonshire using traditional craftsmanship and centuries old techniques.  

Sarah Dudley, fourth generation of the Bodiley’s business, is spear leading the development of export sales worldwide and marketing the Bodileys brand. 

Today, Bodileys exports 80% of their English made shoes globally.

Over the last four generations, Bodileys’ distinguishing trade mark has been its remarkable commitment to provide the best customer service.  Today, Bodileys is expanding its commitment to its clients by going back to its roots and recreating a range of the highest quality shoes.