Pantherella Socks

Exceptional socks, made exclusively in England.


Pantherella are one of the few enduring British brands to stay faithful to the tradition of 'Made in England'. Recognized worldwide as the king of sock brands, Pantherella remain possibly the hosiery world's best kept secret! For decades, gentlemen have passed down the values of our socks to their sons; principles that remain as true today:


- Careful selection of only the very finest natural yarns
- Innovative designs featuring an immense color palette
- Hand Linked Toe seams for ultimate comfort
- Longer leg length and reinforced heels and toes
- First class service


Perhaps best loved for their hallmark Hand Linked Toe seams that few other brands deem necessary. Pantherella has long been a favorite of both royalty and celebrities alike, and in recent years have embraced new technology whilst maintaining dedication to design ingenuity and exceptional finishing techniques.


With over 125 years of sock making experience, Pantherella boasts the expertise worthy of their reputation for making the world's finest socks.